ABOUT US / Introduction

Saudi Red Bricks Company was established in 1956 to develop a new concept in the structural clay products industry and cater to special needs of growing contruction activity in the Kingdom. Since its inception we have been using high quality clays to ensure that bricks and blocks produced in our plats met the most stringent international standards. I order to produce high quality bricks and blocks on a consistent basis, we started expanding and modernizing our plant in 1975, and never look back. Highly automated machines and equipments were installed at every stage of manufacturing process. This laid the foundation of the modern brick industry in the Middle East.

We did not just end with the finished brick in our yard. We placed a distribution system that could transport our products to domestic and international markets.

In its present capacity the plant can confortably fulfill the present as well as future need of the market demanding large quantity at a time.

ABOUT US / Profile

The company owns several large plants in Bahra, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in an area exceeds 0.5 sq. km, making it the largest brick making facility of its kind in one campus in the world. The head office of the company is located in the prestigious Middle East Center on Palestine Road, Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company has over 80 sales distribution centers and stock yards scattered all around the kingdom and in some neighboring countries.

Main source of raw material is located in Wadi Fatima in a 3.5 sq. km area. Excellent deposits of clays and shales are present in these mines. The two types of montmorillonitic shales and non plastic shale are present abundantly in our mines and give us the flexibility to create blends for producing specific category of ceramic products for a very demanding market. In addition, the large requirements of water for the production process is also obtained from the wells in this area.

Saudi Red Bricks Company, a top structural clay products facility in the Middle East has a grand success story when we look at its gigantic growth from fifty tons per day to thousands of tons per day, state of the art facility in a span of more than 60 years.

ABOUT US / Vision and Commitment

Saudi Red Bricks Company has always spent generously on research and development and has kept its focus on finding better and efficient methods to achieve high level of production while keeping its quality to exceed quality of the leading brick producers internationally. Our continuous effort in improving the process and diversification has put us on a high pedestal amongst the leading producers of structural clay products around the globe. Our diligence in maintaining high quality products has resulted in safely transporting and selling the product to destinations as far as 1500 km and to neighboring countries. Our production capacity makes us a large enough supplier of blocks which can maintain abundant stocks of all shapes and sizes Kingdom wise.
In recent years we have made vast improvements in the handling and packaging of the blocks and are aiming to export these to Europe and Asia.
Keeping in mind the state of the art machinery and the technology involved in our production process, we fully understand the need for very highly skilled manpower. In order to have this we are providing vocational training and advanced training in automation and robotics to Saudi and foreign workers.

ABOUT US / Leading the Industry

Saudi Red Bricks Company, in its capacity as the largest factory in the Middle East, has to conduct many steps in order to be up-to-market requirements; hence the following are the important topics to ensure the continuity of the company leadership:
. To continue conducting the researches and necessary studies to ensure the quality of products and provide the required quantities that meet the market needs.
. Provide the company with vocational training centers to identify, train and employ the skills of the workers and employees in this type of industry.
. Reliance on advance technology to cover all stages of production and using the technique of machine derived (robotic) arms with a view to accelerate the pace of production.
. The efficiency and distinction of the company in management of costs and available resources.
. Ability to diversify products to meet consumer desires.

The company succeeded, with high ability and efficiency, in achieving its objectives and increasing the volume of its production to meet the needs of the consumers.

ABOUT US / The meaning of distinction

Saudi Red Bricks Company since its establishment, in 1956, it has witnessed many stages of development and growth, through increasing the size of plants and diversification of its products.. It was initially has one production line with production capacity that does not exceed (50 tons / day), and today it became a large factory that has variety of production lines capable of producing thousands of tons per day.

In addition, the company achieved unprecedented innovation, changed the standards in this industry and turned what was seen at one time to be impossible to greater successes. These innovations were result of considerable efforts in research and development of the product, which led our company to hollow blocks using stiff mud extrusion, and that is one of the hallmarks of our company when compared with other companies operating in the same field and using wet mud extrusion.

ABOUT US / Achievements

More than half a century of hard work, cumulative experience, and many research and experiments, which has added to us real dimensions of knowledge about our strong points and be acquainted of even the tiny details in this industry, which contributed to the acquisition of fine reputation and extensive fame to the company that made it qualified to stand in the ranks of international companies working in this field with perfect confidence and stability.

Saudi Red Bricks Company represented the real addition to the national industry through the insistence of its leaders and owners to put their marks in the building of cities and villages in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Red Bricks Company is considered today one of eligible organizations to efficiently provide solutions compatible with the requirements of the different needs of the domestic or international construction markets.