Since its inception over half a century ago, the company was desirous of selecting a unique method of production to achieve high quality product and have an operation which could run round the clock, 365 days in a year with minimum breakdowns. As a result we came upon the idea of using stiff extrusion (less than 15% water) and an under deck firing system which can fire the product very uniformly at the required temperature of 1000 degrees Centigrade. This concept in conjunction with highly automated machines and a battery of over 30 largest available robots gave us the capability to produce thousands of tons per day of blocks with excellent and consistent quality.

The entire process from the time of precise blending of the raw materials to the final stage of packaging runs under the watchful monitoring of an on line quality control system. The finished products from each kiln are sampled and tested routinely for final acceptance and subsequent sale.

All stages of operations are controlled by the state of the art computer system. The operating parameters are constantly monitored and evaluated by a highly skilled team of Engineers and Technicians.

The product goes through a very stringent system of checks and balances before it can carry the stamp of Saudi Red Bricks Company (Al-Amoudi).